How Do Bryant Furnace Humidifiers Work?


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A Bryant furnace humidifier operates by directing the furnace's air through a water evaporator screen. Water drips down this screen, increasing the surface area for evaporation to occur, and the heated air draws this moisture away and distributes it through the home's ventilation system.

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The humidity levels provided by a Brant humidifier are controlled by either a manual setting or an automatic humidity sensor placed in the cold air return of the furnace. A manual dial allows the user to control the amount of water that flows through the evaporator screen, adjusting relative humidity levels up or down as desired. An automatic control compares the humidity levels in the home with the ambient temperature and attempts to create the ideal humidity comfort level. Some units also include a blower fan to increase evaporation and reduce water waste.

In addition to furnace pass-through models, Bryant also makes a steam-powered whole-house humidifier. This model uses an electric current to boil water and an exhaust pipe to deliver the resulting steam into the home's ventilation ducts.

No matter which type of humidifier is installed, it requires periodic maintenance in order to provide moisture to the home. The most common cause of humidifier failure is scale buildup on internal components from minerals in the home's water. A water softener can lengthen the lifespan of humidifier components.

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