What Is a Brush Cutter Used For?


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A brush cutter is landscaping equipment used to cut back heavy brush, bushes and wayward greenery. It is similar to a line trimmer, but it typically has a bigger engine and heavier line or blades that can cut through stalks, sticks, brambles and reeds.

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Brush cutters may come with a harness and handlebars. The harness is used to support its weight, while the handlebars provide control and let users easily move the device from side to side during use. Using a brush cutter without a harness can put strain on the back if the cutter itself is not lightweight. Cutters that do not come with a harness can typically be fitted with one.

A household brush cutter is more expensive than a line trimmer. As of February 2015, prices range from about $450 to $1200, with professional-grade models on the high end. Brush cutters may also be rented at equipment rental dealers and some big box stores, such as Home Depot.

It is important to wear safety equipment when operating a brush cutter, as it can send loose gravel, pebbles or particles airborne at high speed, possibly striking the eye with enough force to blind. Ideal safety gear includes a helmet, face shield and ear muffs.

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