Where Is Broyhill Furniture Made?

Broyhill furniture is made in the United States. From the company's inception in 1926 up until 1976, Broyhill furniture was manufactured solely in North Carolina.

The founder, James Edgar Broyhill, began his business as Lenoir Chair Company, making chairs in his basement until a couple of shops became available, which he bought. A couple of months later, an ironing board factory became available, and Broyhill used it to make his own chair frames.

Broyhill bought many buildings over the years, expanding his lines to include all types of furniture and accessories. In 1980, Broyhill was bought by Interco for $151.5 million. Interco went bankrupt in 1991 and reopened as Furniture Brands International. The company still manufactures Broyhill furniture as of 2015.