How Do You Brown Paper a Wall?

Covering a wall with brown kraft paper and a polyurethane glaze provides a unique look. The process is much like wallpapering, and an average-size room can be completed in just two days. Standard wallpaper adhesive is used to stick portions of brown paper to the walls in the chosen design; this is then smoothed and glazed to complete the finished look./

  1. Apply the brown paper

    Wear a pair of rubber gloves during the entire process to prevent skin damage. Cover a 2-foot-square section of the wall with wallpaper adhesive using a paste brush. Place large torn pieces of brown paper onto the adhesive in any pattern that completely covers the surface.

  2. Smooth out the paper

    Use a plastic smoother to smooth out the section of paper. Concentrate on removing any wrinkles from the surface and adhering the edges securely. Apply a second layer of adhesive to the large brown paper pieces, and cover the space with smaller random shapes of the paper. Smooth the paper, then continue this process until the entire wall is covered.

  3. Glaze the walls

    Using a paint stick, mix a small amount of brown acrylic paint with polyurethane finish to create the glaze. Spread a thick layer of the glaze over the paper using a paintbrush or roller. The glaze adds depth to the paper and protects it from the elements. Allow the glaze to dry completely.