How Do You Get a Broken Key Out of a Lock?

Remove a broken key from a lock by spraying the lock with lock lubricant, aligning the keyhole in a vertical position, inserting a jigsaw blade beside the key and pulling it out. Once you see the end of the key, use needle-nose pliers to finish the removal.

  1. Spray the lock with lubricant

    Apply lock graphite to the lock, especially if it was operating poorly before the key broke. The lubricant helps to free sticky tumblers, so the key is easier to remove.

  2. Align the keyhole to vertical

    Use a flathead screwdriver to align the keyhole to its normal vertical position. If the key broke in the center and there are cuts in the section pulled out, or if you did not turn the key, this is not likely necessary. If there are no key cuts left on the head of the key, align the keyhole.

  3. Use a jigsaw blade

    Insert a jigsaw blade into the keyhole beside the key. Push the blade in until you feel it catching the key cuts. Pull the blade out of the lock. It should pull the key part of the way out of the lock. If necessary, repeat this part of the process

  4. Finish with needle-nosed pliers

    Use small needle-nosed pliers to grasp the end you have pulled from the keyhole and remove the key from the hole.