Where Are Broan Range Hood Light Lenses Sold?

Where Are Broan Range Hood Light Lenses Sold?

Broan range-hood light lenses are sold on websites such as Broan, Amazon, Lowe's and Sears. The Broan website provides users with two different purchasing options. Customers can either purchase the range-hood lenses directly from the website using the product number, or use the dealer locator search feature.

The Broan website only provides two different kinds of range-hood light lenses: models BP43 and BP436. Both are priced at $5.06, as of 2015.

Amazon also sells numerous Broan range-hood light lens options with customer reviews. As of 2015, the listing for Broan lens model number 99110437-AP3379470 is priced at $4.50 and features over 85 customer reviews. The average star rating for the lens is 4.8 stars out of 5.

The Lowe's website offers one option for Broan range-hood light lenses. As of 2015, the Broan range-hood light lens model S99110437 is priced at $4.17. The website also supplies customers with free shipping or store pickup, in addition to a dealer locator search feature that is organized by zip code.

The Sears website provides three different kinds of Broan range-hood light lenses ranging from $5.43 to $12.09, as of 2015. The website also sells range-hood replacement part kits that contain Broan range-hood light lenses as well as replacement hood filters. The kits are priced at $9.55, as of 2015.