How Is a Bristle Worm Trap Made?

How Is a Bristle Worm Trap Made?

Making a bristle worm trap is a simple process that can be completed in a few minutes if the proper materials are available. To make a bristle worm trap, a small plastic container with a lid, a razor blade, water and some cooked shrimp meat are needed.

  1. Carve an X into the plastic container

    Use a razor blade to slice an X into the lid of the plastic food container. The size of the X should be slightly smaller than the thickness of the worm. If the opening is too small, the worm will not be able to enter the trap to be captured. However, if it is too large, the worm will be able to escape easily.

  2. Bend the opening of the container inwards

    Press a finger against the center of the X that was carved so that all four pieces of plastic begin to move. Put pressure on the pieces of plastic until they are stuck facing inward slightly. This will make it easier for worms to enter the trap but harder for them to leave as they get caught on the plastic corners.

  3. Bait the trap

    Open the container and place some of the cooked shrimp meat inside. Close the container and make sure the seal around its edge is airtight. The only opening should be the X that was carved. Place the trap into the water somewhere the worm has been before.