How Do You Bring Dead Grass Back to Life?

How Do You Bring Dead Grass Back to Life?

Revitalizing dead grass is a long-term project. Basic measures required are watering, loosening the soil and adding fertilizer. For this project, you will need a sprinkler system, a dethatching machine, fertilizer and an aerator machine.

  1. Water the lawn

    Sustain your lawn with a minimum of 1 inch of water every week. Water in the early morning. Set a sprinkler system to slow release. Watering over a longer period is preferable to shorter intervals with faster release speeds.

  2. Use a dethatching machine

    Water the lawn for three days before dethatching. Use the machine in different directions to cover the entire area. A dethatching machine loosens dead grass, promotes grass growth and fosters an even appearance in the lawn. You can spray a pre-emergent herbicide after dethatching to stop the seeds from germinating.

  3. Conduct a soil test

    Test the quality of the soil to determine pH balance. The test reveals other problems that may be wrong with the soil and can show you what type of fertilizer to use.

  4. Add fertilizer

    Use the appropriate fertilizer for your lawn. The best fertilizers contain multiple ingredients, most notably nitrogen. Reapply as necessary.

  5. Use an aerator machine

    Use an aerator machine to promote drainage and oxygen in the soil. Use a mechanical core aerator for larger lawns. Do not aerate a fresh lawn until the roots are firmly established.