What Are Some Brick Waterproofing Products?

What Are Some Brick Waterproofing Products?

Brick waterproofing products include masonry sealers and the tools used to prepare the brick and apply the sealant. A siloxane-based brick sealer protects the integrity of the brick's surface while allowing moisture to escape the surface of the brick, preventing mold or mildew from accumulating.

ConcreteSealerReview.com recommends using Masonry Saver Heavy Duty Repellent or SuperSeal M to waterproof a brick wall. These sealers are siloxane-based and afford the brick wall adequate sealer penetration while remaining breathable, according to the website.

SouthernStainandSeal.com recommends two products: Wakefield Hydro-Top Penetrating Sealer and SurfKoat WB 75 Penetrating Sealer.

Before sealing a wall, clean the brick by brushing any loose mortar from the crevices and washing the brick with soapy water. After the brick dries, you can use a roller and an angled paint brush to apply the sealer to the brick and mortar. Masonry sealers come in a variety of sheens and colors.

You can seal or coat a brick wall in a variety of ways, but there are some key considerations. Latex or acrylic paints can seal decorative brick, but brick walls that are exposed to the elements or that serve some sort of utility, such as chimney walls, need a sealer specifically formulated for the brick's protection.