How Do Brick Cutting Tools Work?


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Brick cutting tools, those commonly employed in brick masonry, work by splitting, chipping or forming a brick into a desired shape. Instruments such as a mason's hammer, blocking chisel and a power saw are often used to cut or divide bricks.

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A mason's hammer possesses a blunt, hammering end and a small, chisel-like end. Using the chisel end, a mason can draw a cutting line on a particular brick and then lightly hit the brick with the hammer end along the line several times, before delivering a harder blow and splitting the brick at the line. Afterward, the chisel end can once again be used to chip away any burs or pieces left at the split. This technique is widely practiced but takes a bit of finesse to master.

Block chisels are often used when processing a large quantity of brick that needs to be resized. Chisels vary in size and are used according to the width of the brick being cut. Masons line up the end of the chisel with the cutting line on the brick. Usually only one blow is needed to accurately bisect the brick.

Masonry power saws use a special masonry blade to cleanly cut a brick. Some saws require water or coolant while the saw is in used to prevent the blade from overheating.

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