How Do You Brew Coffee in a Brewmaster Coffee Maker?


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To brew coffee in a BrewMaster coffee maker, the user must fill the reservoir with water, put a paper filter in the basket, add ground coffee and select a brew setting. BrewMaster makes eight different coffee makers as of March 2015, and the process may deviate slightly between models.

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Most BrewMaster coffee makers feature a top-loading water reservoir. To fill the coffee maker with water, the user lifts the lid at the top of the machine. Several models feature removable reservoirs that pop off of the side, so there's no need to move the coffeemaker from under a cabinet to reach the top lid.

BrewMaster machines use traditional paper coffee filters. The user can access the filter basket by lifting the lid and dropping the filter in. Coffee grounds are added based on the amount of water in the reservoir. Most models have a volume scale on the side of the reservoir to indicate the water level.

BrewMaster coffee makers all use a one-cup dispensing method. To pour a cup of coffee, the user must hold the coffee mug against the lever and push it gently against the dispenser bar. The coffee makers keep the remaining coffee at an even temperature to prevent scorching and ensure that the liquid stays hot.

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