How Do You Break Open a Padlock?

break-open-padlock Credit: Images by Fabio/Moment/Getty Images

You can break open a padlock by learning how to pick a lock, creating a shim or using metal cutters. Shims can be created from simple thin metal, such as a paper clip or coke can, and can be used on both single and double-lock padlocks. Another way to get into a padlocked area without a key is to use a break-away padlock designed by Master Lock.

Padlocks are portable locks that can be opened with a key or a combination. The shackle of the padlock can be passed through an opening to protect against unauthorized theft or use. The shackle is commonly "U"- shaped and varies in size to accommodate various protective needs.

Padlocks have been used in China since the late Eastern Han Dynasty, which was in reign from 25 to 220 A.D. Padlocks with a spring mechanism were found from 850 A.D. in York, England, where the term padlock was coined. The mechanisms were originally used to lock paddocks, small fields where animals reside, and the name eventually emerged as padlock. Padlock design developed over time to use wrought iron, screw keys, cast iron and rotating disks. The best known lock designer, Master Lock, created the first laminated padlock in 1920.