What Brands of Windows Have Built-in Blinds?

Both Anderson and Pella offer built-in blinds while Marvin offers built-in shades. These manufacturers place the blinds between two layers of glass, eliminating the need to clean or dust them, reducing allergens. The cordless blinds provide additional safety for homes with small children.

Anderson windows offer between-the-glass shades in its E-Series windows. These windows are available in 50 prefinished exterior colors, anodized exteriors or custom colors. The company also offers wood interiors with common and exotic woods available. Options include grilles, shades and blinds between the window panes.

Marvin provides between-the-glass shades with a fit that blocks virtually all light bleed around the edges. These shades are a seamless addition to the company's window offerings. Colors are available to match Marvin’s prefinished window interiors. Marvin does not offer the options of blinds or grilles found with other manufacturers.

Pella provides built-in blinds that give the owner the option of changing the window treatment to match his decor. While the manufacturer installs the window treatment between the glass to provide the protection of other between-the-glass products, Pella also provides an exclusive snap-in technology that allows the homeowner to snap out the blinds and replace them with a different color, shades or grilles. Pella's fabric shades offer patterns for the inside with a white exterior to give the home a uniform look.