What Are Some Brands of Watertight Storage Boxes?


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Some of the major brands of watertight storage boxes are Plano, Sea to Summit, Pelican, Cabela's and Iris. Watertight is defined as impermeable to water unless structurally compromised. Although some online retailers such as JustPlasticBoxes.com use the terms synonymously, waterproof and airtight items are not necessarily watertight.

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The brands of watertight storage boxes can be found from websites that sell containers, outdoor gear and office supplies such as Office Depot and Cabela's. In order to view the brands that offer watertight storage containers, visit Cabelas.com and enter "Watertight Storage Container" in the search text box at the top right of the home page. The search will yield results pertaining to the storage containers sold from Cabela's. A list of the brands is featured on the left side of the page with the number of containers matching the search in parentheses.

Watertight containers like utility boxes and trunks are often used in outdoor activities such as camping and hunting; therefore, in addition to office and containers retailers, many waterproof storage options are available at outdoor supply stores.

Watertight containers are generally plastic and come in a variety of sizes. The lining or foam in the lid is what provides the resistance to not only water but also bugs and animals.

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