What Are Some Brands of Vole Poison Bait?


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Kaput manufactures vole poison bait products called Kaput Mouse Blocks and Kaput Rat & Mouse Bait, which are intended to kill various types of rodents, including voles. Kaput uses high-seed content in its bait to attract rodents, but the active ingredient is Warfarin, an anticoagulant that helps the bait kill the rodent in three to five days on average. The company advises using a protected bait box in conjunction with its poison.

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Kaput advises customers to read the entire labels on its products before using them. Maintain a 15-day supply of bait no matter where it is placed and no matter which type of bait is used, and place the bait near burrows or areas where voles have caused damage. Place one block when using Kaput Mouse Blocks or Kaput Combo Bait Mini Blocks. Place between half a pack to an entire pack when using Kaput Rat & Mouse Place Packs or Kaput Combo Bait Pellets.

Kaput is safer than similar brands for households that contain domestic pets. The University of Nebraska has determined that Warfarin, the active ingredient used in Kaput bait, is only a threat to domestic animals when taken in large quantities. This includes 7 pounds' worth for dogs that weigh 50 pounds. Epic Protection Industries Company, Inc. offers a product called Vole Scram, which is an all-natural vole repellent you can use in place of poison to ward off voles.

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