What Are Some Brands of Space Heaters That Walmart Sells?


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Lasko, Mr. Heater, Sunbeam, Honneywell and Comfort Zone are some brands of space heaters that are available at Walmart. Space heaters are available in a variety of prices, sizes, fuel types and heating element options. Most brands make many different types of heaters.

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Fuel options for space heaters are electric, propane or kerosene. While most can be used indoors, a user should know all of the available safety features on his particular space heater. Always follow proper ventilation procedures for propane- and kerosene-fueled equipment. Make sure electrical models are plugged in properly and are placed away from flammable material. Each year 25,000 home fires are caused by space heaters.

Heat sources available include conventional radiant, infrared, quartz and ceramic elements. Some of the models use heat that radiates out from the source, while others incorporate fans or blowers to force the heat out and distribute it around the room. Ceramic heaters tend to be more expensive when compared to other heating elements of the same size, but they are typically much more energy efficient.

The amount of heat output by the units is measured in watts for electrical models and BTUs for combustion fuel types. Typically, propane and kerosene heaters can generate more heat and distribute it to larger spaces. Electrical models at Walmart usually range from 800 to 1500 watts, which make them good for most residential room sizes. Combustion models range from 5,000 to well over 100,000 BTUs, which can warm very large open spaces.

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