What Are Some Brands of Small Man Lifts?

What Are Some Brands of Small Man Lifts?

Small man lift brands include Genie Lift, Nifty Lift, JLG and Teupen. Each manufacturer makes different configurations of small, mobile lifts, including wheeled, tracked and towable models.

Genie Lift manufactures telescoping and articulating boom lifts on wheeled bases. Trailer-mounted boom lifts have a Z-boom and automatic leveling system. These units are lightweight, and users can operate them on lawns and gymnasium floors. Genie also manufactures scissor lifts with smooth wheels and all-terrain wheels for different applications.

JLG manufactures similar models. The company's product line also includes compact crawler booms. These units move on self-propelled tracks and use stationary outriggers when set up for work. Models range from 2 feet 7 inches in width to 3 feet 3 inches in width when all booms and supports are stowed for transport. Working height for these models range from 39 feet to almost 70 feet.

Nifty Lift self-propelled boom lifts come in working heights from 26 feet to over 85 feet. It's possible to transport these wheeled models around a job site when the boom is extended in any position. Nifty Lift provides multiple power options, including battery, gas, diesel and hybrid engines.

The Teupen LEO30T model has a working height of 90 feet. When stowed for transport, the lift is only 3.5 feet wide and 6 feet high. The standard model operates on a battery and diesel powered engine.