What Brands of Sliding Glass Doors Are Highly-Rated?

As of July 2015, highly rated brands of sliding glass doors at Home Depot's website are American Craftsman and Masterpiece. Both average 4.8 on a five-star rating system. At Lowe's site, ThermaStar and ReliaBilt brands have average ratings of 4.8 and 4.6, respectively.

Home Depot reviews of the American Craftsman right-hand sliding patio door say it is sturdy, easy to install and a good value. Comments about Masterpiece's composite left-hand sliding door indicate that it functions smoothly, is attractive and seals well.

Lowe's reviews for the ThermaStar sliding glass door with grilles mention that it blocks noise, latches tightly and is reasonably priced. Reviewers for the ReliaBilt grilled glass door mention that it is high quality and durable. The door also lets in a lot of natural light.