What Are Some Brands of Plumbing Tape to Stop Leaks?


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Some brands of plumbing tape are La-Co, Orbit and Nashua tapes. The type of tape you should choose depends on the specific needs of your plumbing repair.

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La-Co plumbing tape is suitable for all types of plumbing repairs, including repairs on stainless steel pipes. It is non-toxic and can withstand water pressure of up to 10,000 PSI. Should you need to disassemble the piping in the future, the La-Co tape makes it easy to do so. La-Co tape is available in a variety of width and length-of-roll options. The Orbit brand of plumbing tape seals well and stops leaks. This particular plumbing tape is designed to stop leaks on threaded joints. It is suitable for use outdoors and on cold-water piping only.

Nashua plumbing tape is a silicone tape that becomes sticky and adheres to your plumbing by stretching the tape as you wrap it around the pipe. It can withstand high temperatures and can be removed at a later date without leaving any sticky residue. You can also use Nashua tape to cover electrical wires, seal hoses and cover sharp edges. You can also color-code wire bundles, pipes or cables, as Nashua tape comes in a variety of colors.

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