What Are Some Brands of Plastic Shelf Bins?

What Are Some Brands of Plastic Shelf Bins?

Some brands of plastic shelf bins include AkroBins, Quantum Storage, Husky and Sterilite. Most plastic shelf bins are made in China, but a few, such as AkroBins are made in the United States.

AkroBins make a number of hanging and shelf bins from industrial-grade polymer and many are designed to stack, optimizing shelf space. Its bins are perfect for storage shelves and cabinets and since they are corrosion proof, last for years, AkroBins generally hold from 10 to 80 pounds, depending on the size and prices vary.

Sterilite makes plastic shelf bins that vary in price and size. Consumers can buy these bins in packs or singly, and prices vary. Sterilite has been around for more than 75 years and each of its products is made from heavy-duty plastic and other materials designed to last for years.

The Home Depot sells Husky bins that are easily stackable and come in a variety of sizes. Many Husky bins can hold up to 100 pounds and stack up to four high. They come with handy carrying handles and make the perfect storage bins for the garage, kitchen, utility room or play room.

Quantum Storage bins are made from high-density plastic and come in several colors and sizes ranging from 12 to 24 inches deep. The polypropylene bins have a built-in label holder and the edges are reinforced for greater strength. Quantum Storage bins are waterproof as well as grease and oil resistant.