Which Brands of Paints Are the Best Reviewed?

Which Brands of Paints Are the Best Reviewed?

Some of the best reviewed brands of paint are Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams and Behr. Other well-reviewed paint brands include Valspar and Glidden. These paints are used for both the interiors and exteriors of homes.

Reviews of Benjamin Moore paint have highlighted its durability, ease of application and variety of product offerings. Benjamin Moore paint is also known for its even and full coverage, and many types have stain-resistant properties as well.

Sherwin Williams paint has been well reviewed for its stain-resistant properties, as well as its resistance to fading, even when subjected to accelerated testing with UV rays. Reviews of Sherwin Williams paint also note that it covers old paint well and stands up nicely to normal wear and tear.

Behr paint is the house brand of the home improvement store chain Home Depot. Behr paints have been well reviewed for such attributes as being resistant to stains and UV rays. Some Behr paints resist the growth of mildew as well. Behr paint is also known for being easy to apply and long-lasting.

Different types of Valspar paint have also been praised for withstanding UV rays and general wear and tear, as well as being resistant to stains. Some Valspar paints have also gotten good reviews for being easy to apply and for their ability to withstand moisture.