What Brands Offer Projection Clocks?


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Ambient Weather and Oregon Scientific are both companies that offer projection clocks among their other products. The Ambient Weather clocks have a utilitarian design with orange or blue screens. Oregon Scientific designs have some similarities, with outliers such as the PRYSMA clock and other examples along these lines.

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Ambient Weather is a company that manufactures and distributes a wide range of electronics, including weather sensory technology and atomic clocks. On Amazon.com, its projection clock rates the highest as of September 2015, with almost 50 reviews and nearly five stars.

Oregon Scientific offers similar electronics, covering a range of scientific measurements such as temperature or projected rainfall. Some of their products have Bluetooth technology included.

Projection clocks are time-keeping devices that project a light onto a flat surface as a way to display the time, temperature and other readouts tracked by the clock. Some projection clocks are designed to work alongside atomic clocks to more accurately track the current time. Some projection clocks use LED lights in the screen and in the projector itself, which allows the time to be read even when all the lights are turned out. Low-light projection clocks are designed to be less intrusive than the older halogen bulb alternative.

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