What Are Some Brands That Offer Affordable Standing Desks?

What Are Some Brands That Offer Affordable Standing Desks?

Affordable standing desks are offered by Varidesk and Standdesk.co. Varidesk’s Pro Plus series features height-adjustable standing desks that are two-tiered with a display surface on the upper tier and a keyboard/mouse deck on the lower level.

The keyboard deck is fixed raises or lowers along with the display surface. The upper display comfortably accommodates a monitor and added accessories, such as speakers.

The lower keyboard/mouse deck fits a full-sized keyboard, and a mouse pad or graphics table. The Pro Plus series is available in a variety of sizes and has a patented spring-assisted lifting mechanism for an easy and convenient work surface.

Varidesk also offers a Cubicle series for standard sized office cubicles or modular workspaces. The desk comes in two models: the Plus and Corner. Both provide a wide surface that lets a user work comfortably while standing or sitting in an office cubicle. Varidesk also features an anti-fatigue mat to stand on while working, which helps to reduce stress on the knees, legs and joints.

At Standdesk.co, visitors can build their own standing desks with custom features that include color, top material, accessories, and frame configuration, such as standard two-button control or two-button control with cable tray. Desk tops are available in laminate and bamboo, and they are available in a variety of sizes. Standdesk.co also hosts a frequently asked questions section that explains in detail how the desks work, how to upgrade the memory control units and assembly instructions that can be downloaded in PDF format.