What Are Some Brands of Modular Wall-to-Wall Shelving?

What Are Some Brands of Modular Wall-to-Wall Shelving?

There are a wide range of modular wall-to-wall shelving available on the market, with brands that include Vitsoe, Scandinavian Design Center, IKEA and At Work Design. These are some of the quality brands available, according to Apartment Therapy, providing well-designed shelving that's also adjustable to fit homeowners' needs.

Vitsoe modular shelves have been around since 1960, when it was designed by Dieter Rams. The design is a classic one, with basic lines that don't distract from surrounding decor. The shelving system is an expensive one, but it is also long-lasting and can be added onto as needed.

Scandinavian Design Center offers modern shelving that is mounted onto a side panel, instead of directly to the wall itself. This track design allows for quick reordering of the modular pieces to change the look of the shelves or simply to adjust shelf lengths. Along with the wall-to-wall models, Scandinavian Design Center also offers smaller shelf units.

IKEA provides a sturdier shelving system than other brands, using metal brackets to give the modular shelves additional support. The cost for the IKEA shelves is moderate, especially compared with the high cost of the Vitsoe designs.

At Work Design provides strong shelving units as well, using metal as its base material. At Work Design goes for a fashionable look, using Walnut veneer to back the powder-coated steel metal.