What Brands of Microwaves Are Not Made in the USA?


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Samsung, Panasonic, Sharp and LG are some microwave brands that are not manufactured in the United States of America. Samsung and LG are South Korean brands, while Panasonic and Sharp are developed in Japan. Other well-known microwave brands not made in the USA are Electrolux (Sweden) and Bosch (Germany).

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What Brands of Microwaves Are Not Made in the USA?
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These microwave ovens are not manufactured entirely in their country of origin. Many large-scale semiconductor and electronics companies have established manufacturing plants in the United States, but some parts, such as the magnetron tube, chassis and control switches, may have been assembled in an offshore factory to reduce labor costs. This may be the reason why some microwave parts, when disassembled, have different markings and may not be available directly in the manufacturing plant. Most companies do not offshore the research and development process due to confidentiality and because it requires a set of skills that may be difficult to obtain in a country or region with low-cost labor.

Many industrialized countries including the United States and Germany outsource their production to developing countries where labor is cheap. Products entirely assembled in the United States tend to be costlier. Some foreign microwave manufacturers such as Samsung have assembly plants in the country, which increases the possibility of the products being assembled and made in the United States.

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