What Brands Manufacture Natural Gas Heat Pumps?


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Robur and Ilios are two brands that sell natural gas-powered heat pumps. These heat pumps use a combination of gas and free air from the outside environment for efficient operation.

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Robur's PRO GAHP Line A series features several versions of the condensing absorption and modulating heat pump. These include the HT for retrofitted radiators, the LT that heats water at lower temperatures and a low-noise model with a high-efficiency fan. The brand also sells in indoor model for a central heating system or plant room. Each unit provides 0.5 kilowatts of air-source energy for each kilowatt of natural gas, greatly enhancing the energy qualification of a building. The system is 165 percent effective, and users enjoy cost savings of 40 percent after switching from a boiler. The heat pump also saves 4.4 tons of carbon dioxide annually when compared to a boiler system.

The Ilios high-efficiency heat pump is designed for buildings that require at least 4,000 therms per month as it has a heat output of up to 500,000 BTU. This system may be useful for waterparks, hotels, swimming pools and similar settings. The combination of traditional boiler technology and an engine-driven pump work to boost energy efficiency, reducing costs and environmental impact.

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