What Brands Manufacture Commercial Air Handlers?

What Brands Manufacture Commercial Air Handlers?

Manufacturers such as Rheem, Trane, Lennox and Daiken Applied make air handlers for commercial use. Air handlers are an integral part of HVAC systems that helps take care of issues such as temperature, ventilation, humidity and mold.

Rheem's commercial air handlers all can be installed either horizontally or vertically. The handlers have motors located inside insulated cabinets that help reduce noise. Additionally, they come with two circuit evaporator coils and removable panels for easy access to the filters and blowers.

Trane makes a variety of air handler options including performance air handlers and blower coil air handlers. Blower coil air handlers are an inexpensive option used in schools, hospitals or stores. Performance air handlers are energy-efficient options that use the highest technology available.

Lennox's commercial air handlers come in its T-Class line. This line of handler includes a multi-circuit, copper tube coil and belt drive blowers. Additionally, MSAV supply fans are available to help reduce energy consumption and costs while improving the air quality and comfort.

Daiken Applied air handlers come in four different model lines: Destiny, Vision, Skyline and RoofPak. The Skyline and RoofPak lines are semi-custom, outdoor models, while the Vision line is semi-custom and meant for indoor installation.