Which Brands Make Portable Windowless Air Conditioner Models?

Brands that make portable, windowless air conditioners include Frigidaire, LG Electronics, Haier, Ramsond, Winchester, Whynter and Elegance. Consumers can find most of these brands at major home renovation stores such as Home Depot.

Windowless air conditioners offer a number of benefits over traditional window units. Windowless models are easier to install and can clear smoke and other odors from a room. Clearing odors is something central air conditioners are not very good at, as they tend to disperse the odor throughout the house rather than containing it. The units are not easily visible from the outside of the building. Windowless units are also good options for a room that is not adequately cooled by existing central air conditioning systems because hey are in very sunny areas or on the second floor, for example, as they improve spot cooling and can be more cost-effective than other types of air conditioners.

Potential issues include the fact that windowless units may not be very effective in extremely hot climates. In places where long stretches of hot weather over 90 degrees are common, it is better to consider more substantial cooling options. Windowless units cool only the rooms where they are installed and do not have the power to push cool air into other parts of the house.