Which Brands Make Nonstick Ceramic Cookware?


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As of 2015, brands that make nonstick ceramic cookware include Bialetti, Cuisinart, Original GreenPan, WearEver and Green Earth. Some other ceramic nonstick cookware brands are Scanpan, T Fal and Cook N Home.

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Consumers buy nonstick ceramic cookware because it doesn't require oil to cook food as well as because it is eco-friendly and easy to clean. Bialetti makes Aeternum, a cadmium-free nonstick cookware set with a white, stain-resistant ceramic cooking surface that requires only a little oil or butter during cooking. It cooks eggs, meat and tomato sauce well without leaving residue or staining, but it cannot handle high oven temperatures and requires a little fat for cooking.

Cuisinart's GreenGourmet cookware boasts a black ceramic surface that can withstand use in an oven, broiler and on a stove, and it doesn't require any oil or butter for cooking. While it cooks eggs, meat and sauce well, meat leaves a residue. Likewise, the Original GreenPan's Paris also doesn't require oil or butter, can be used in the oven and also leaves some residue after cooking meat. However, it is easy to clean.

WearEver Pure Living cookware has an aluminum base and ceramic cooking surface that is stain-resistant and scratch-resistant, but it is not suitable for oven use. Cook N Home NC-00358 ceramic cookware is another inexpensive option that doesn't require oil for cooking.

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