What Brands Make Griddles for Glass Top Stoves?

brands-make-griddles-glass-top-stoves Credit: Barbara Wells/CC-BY-SA 2.0

Most cookware brands offering flat-bottom griddles make one or more griddles compatible with a glass-top stove. Quality, noncolored cookware with a flat bottom can generally be used on a glass range, according to the Cookware Manufacturers Association, which recommends products from Cuisinart, All-Clad, Analon, Calphalon, Regal and Circulon.

Cookware that contains color coating should not be used on a glass range, and copper-coated cookware can leave a residue behind. Griddles with any ridges or indentations on the bottom should not be used, and heavier aluminum or stainless griddles are recommended. Cast-iron griddles may be used with care, though appliance manufacturers such as GE do not recommend cast-iron cookware on glass stovetops. Discount-brand griddles are not recommended for use on glass ranges, as inexpensive or light cookware is more likely to warp when placed over heat, which could damage or scratch the stovetop.

Even when using compatible griddles, cooks can protect the look and functionality of glass cook tops by carefully placing griddles on the surface and avoiding any sliding or bumping during use. Griddles should be lifted up and placed back down if movement is necessary. When turning or pushing food items in a griddle, cooks may want to hold the pan in place with an oven mitt.