What Brands Make Direct Vent Gas Heating Stoves?


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There are numerous brands that manufacture direct vent gas heating stoves as of 2015, including Empire, Oxford, Napoleon Fireplaces and Continental Fireplaces. Empire and Napoleon are two of the largest manufacturers, as both companies have well over 30 different models listed for sale on Amazon.

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Napoleon produces both liquid propane and natural gas direct vent gas heating stoves, including the popular Bayfield, Arlington and Castlemore models. The Bayfield GDS25 direct vent gas stove can be powered by either natural gas or propane and is available in three different color choices. This model has a maximum heat output of 24,500 British thermal units and features an electronic ignition system and battery backup that should help cut back on utility costs.

The Continental CDVS500 is another popular direct vent gas heating stove model. It uses a third tube burner to increase the unit's total heating capacity from 30,000 to 44,000 Btu. This model has an 84-percent efficiency rating and is available in either a black, 24-karat gold-plated or satin chrome-plated finish.

Both the Napoleon Bayfield model and the Continental CDVS500 come with a trademark PHAZER log set, which is designed to give the look and feel of real glowing embers. Gas stoves are available from many online retailers, including Amazon.com.

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