What Brands Make Convection Steam Ovens for Home Use?


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Cuisinart, Thermador and Wolf all offer convection steam ovens that can be used in the home. Wolf and Thermador offer a selection of built-in convection steam ovens that install in wall or kitchen cabinet units. Cuisinart has a counter top option.

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Convection steam ovens benefit home cooks by providing faster cook times with options for creating healthy meals, according to Consumer Reports. Thermador states its convection steam ovens can be used to slow cook, bake, reheat, defrost, steam or proof foods, and cooking in the ovens keeps more nutrients in food. Wolf reports that its ovens roast, saute, boil and simmer foods.

Convection steam ovens work by combining the moisture properties of steam with extremely hot air that circulates via convection. Steam keeps foods from drying out as convection heats them quickly and completely. The combination, according to Wolf, can even rejuvenate leftover items so they taste like a fresh-cooked meal.

Food isn't always prepped much faster in convection steam ovens than it is via traditional means, states Consumer Reports. No time benefit was seen during rice or broccoli preparation, but time was saved when cooking yams and a whole chicken in various convection steam ovens from the three brands.

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