Which Brands Does Lowes Have for Baseboard Heaters?


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As of March 2015, Lowe's carries a large inventory of baseboard heaters from such brands as Durst, King, Cadet, Apollo and Hydrotherm. The baseboard heaters that are sold on the Lowe's website are categorized by standard electric and hydronic models.

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The two most-represented standard electric baseboard brands are King and Cadet. The lowest prices for King standard electric baseboards hover around $30, which is the cost for a King standard electric baseboard heater that is 27 inches, 240 volts and 500 watts. The most expensive King standard electric baseboard heaters are priced at approximately $275. A model in this price range is the King baseboard heater that is 96 inches long, 240 volts and 1,500 watts.

The Cadet standard electric baseboard heaters are similarly priced, with the least expensive being the Cadet 30 inch long standard electric baseboard heater model 2F500W, which costs about $35. The most expensive Cadet brand baseboard heater is 96 inches long and costs about $75.

The hydronic baseboard heaters that are sold by Lowe's are generally manufactured by Cadet and Fahrenheat. The Cadet hyrdronic baseboard heaters are significantly more expensive than the standard electric models, with the least expensive costing around $150. The most expensive of these is priced at around $300. The Fahrenheat hyrdronic baseboard heaters are little more expensive, with the cheapest being about $140 and the most expensive being over $350.

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