What Are Some Brands of Lattice Trim for Porches or Decks?


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Brands of lattice trim for porches and decks sold at home improvement stores include Acurio Latticeworks, Veranda and Barrette. These manufacturers offer prefabricated decorative lattice panels in various styles, colors and sizes. Popular brands of lattice panels are often made out of vinyl plastic material, which is rot- and weather-resistant.

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Vinyl lattice panels for porches and decks come in designs that resemble wood, and color choices include white, brown and black. Lattice trim usually feature patterns with diamond shaped holes of varying sizes, which provide ventilation. Brands such as Acurio Latticeworks offer fanciful scroll work decorative designs as an alternative to standard designs. During the installation process, drilling oversized holes allows for natural contraction and expansion of wood. The top portion of the panel requires drilled holes every 24 inches, and holes must penetrate both the molding and panel.

On the sides and bottom of plastic panels, drill holes through the molding. Lattice panels are secured to wood frames with screw fasteners that are tight enough to hold, but not tightened all the way. Sheet metal screws in size eight are ideal for securing panels. Stores such as The Home Depot also sell non-branded lattice panels made from pressure treated wood, which is resistant to the typical wood rot. Wood lattice trim is natural and more versatile than plastic, because panels can be stained or painted.

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