What Brands of Interior Paint Get the Best Reviews?


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Good Housekeeping has ranked Ace Royal, Pittsburgh Paints Pure Performance and Olympic Premium as the best mid-priced interior paints, as of 2015. The mid-priced paints reviewed ranged in cost from $17 to $40 per gallon.

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Reviews of interior paints vary based on quality and brand. Ace Royal reviews were also generally positive from Viewpoints and Ace Hardware, receiving 4.1 stars and 3.7 stars respectively. Pittsburgh Paints Pure Performance received 4.25 stars from Green Options. Olympic Premium received positive reviews from Viewpoints and Lowe's, with 3.7 stars and 4.3 stars respectively.

Good Housekeeping reviewed multiple brands of paints for kitchens and bathrooms, and all paints reviewed were low volatile organic compound paints.

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