What Brands of Furniture Are Sold in Macy's Furniture Showroom?

What Brands of Furniture Are Sold in Macy's Furniture Showroom?

Macy's offers consumers a wide selection of furniture brands, including Monterey Furniture, Sanibel, Westaire and Bailee, as of 2015. Other brands available include Dovewood, Belgrade and Delran.

Macy's carries many different types of furniture that include pieces for the bedroom, living room, dining room and outdoor spaces. In the bedroom furniture category, the common brands include Avondale, Tribeca, Yardley, Delmont and Morena. These are the top five brands that offer the most highly rated bed sets and headboards, according to the star rating system on the Macy's website. The highest rated brands of dressers and nightstands are Sanibel and Ailey, respectively.

There are many quality brands of living room sets available from Macy's. These brands include Radley, Julius and Almafi. For coffee and accent tables, the most highly rated brands are Monterey, Belford and Ella.

Some brands of dining tables offered include Crestwood, Prescot, Lux and Dakota tables. The highly rated brands of dining room collections include Dovewood, Champagne, Marais and Royal Manor. The brands of dining chairs that are available include Metropolitan, Bordeaux and Corso.

Macy's offers a diverse collection of outdoor furniture brands that include the Sandy Cove brand, Belize, Haverton and South Harbor. Outdoor patio table lines include Bristol, Nottingham and Wentley.