What Are Some Brands of FRP Wall Panels?


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Crane Composites is the largest manufacturer of fiberglass reinforced products. It offers wall panels in various styles that meet specific sanitary requirements. Crane brands include Designs, Varietex and Sequentia.

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Cranes FRB wall panels meet Class A or Class C fire ratings per ASTM E-84. The Designs brand offers wall panels in fashionable patterns and colors, including Maui Marble and Tennessee Timber. While decorative, the panels also meet hygienic standards and are suitable for restaurants. Varietex panels are textured and work well in tough commercial environments, such as hospitals.

The Sequentia product line offers corrugated panels that are UV resistant and appropriate for patio covers. Laminated panels are also available for installation directly to studs or for use as ceiling panels. The Sequentia embossed panels work well in restrooms, locker rooms and food processing plants. Lowe's offers the Sequentia brand, as of 2015. Most customers use the white FRB panel in bathrooms and trailers and state it is easy to install.

Other Crane FRB wall panel brands are Filon and Kemlite. Filon panels are most suitable for RV exteriors. The gel-coal surface is scratch resistant and weathers well. It resists dents and cracks. The Kemlite brand works well for trucks. The translucent roof products are puncture resistant, while the reefer roof products are designed to improve thermal efficiencies.

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