What Are Some Brands of Decorative Desk Organizers?

What Are Some Brands of Decorative Desk Organizers?

Brands of decorative desk organizers include Lipper, Realspace, Cynthia Rowling and Poppin. These companies provide desk organizers that are not the standard black mesh or clear plastic that are often seen in office supply stores.

Lipper makes bamboo products. These organizers for the desk are a light wooden color and give an almost elegant look to the products. Wood can be much heavier than metal or plastic due to being solid and sturdy. They are not likely to slide on the desktop due to the weight of the wood.

Realspace does make the black metal organizers, but they do not have the typical mesh pattern. The Realspace has a pattern called brocade, which gives the look of lace. Their organizer sets are broken up and bought individually, but customers can get letter sorters, document trays or pencil cups in this pattern.

The Cynthia Rowling brand is desk organizers with a floral pattern. The pattern is a dark blue with white, pink, red and lighter blue flowers and leaves. This pattern will stand out on a desk and definitely makes a statement as the various set pieces decorate the desk.

Poppin creates bright neon colors like aqua blue and pink. They give a normally monotone area like a desk and give it a bright pop of color and stand out amongst the other black or plastic items on the desk.