What Are Some Brands of Chest Freezers?

What Are Some Brands of Chest Freezers?

Popular brands of chest freezers as of 2015 include GE, Kenmore, Danby, Amana and Haier, according to 10TopTenReviews. Factors to consider when buying a chest freezer include location, size, manual or auto-defrost, storage capacity, and safety features.

The location of the freezer is an important consideration because it determines the type of freezer to purchase. A chest freezer that is located in a living area should run quietly. A freezer that is located in the basement may invalidate the warranty depending on the manufacturer.

The size of the freezer depends on storage needs, amount of available space and budget. Chest freezers are typically available in large, medium, small and compact. Big is not necessarily better. Small chest freezers such as the GE FCM7SUWW are favorably rated for noise and efficiency among other criteria.

Auto-defrost freezer models typically consume more energy. This is because they automatically go through multiple warming and cooling cycles to prevent ice forming on the freezer walls. Most chest freezers are defrosted manually by unplugging the freezer. Food items should be moved to another cooler or freezer during this process to avoid going bad.

Ideal chest freezers are those with storage baskets for organizing food items. They should also provide sufficient interior storage space. Safety features for freezers include a child lock on the door and warning light or alarm in case of temperature problems.