How Do I Brace Roof Trusses?


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Bracing of roof trusses begins once they are stacked in their positions correctly. The second gable is targeted for bracing first. This is done by straightening the truss up to the cap plate and nailing it down firmly. Brace the rest of the trusses using 1x4 wooden planks.

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Mark each truss using the same measurements used for the wall plates. As several trusses are positioned, the brace should be secured over the second gable end truss. The process is completed by nailing all other trusses to the brace. Position the braces accurately to ensure appropriate spacing.

Before bracing the roof truss, install it by lifting the truss and placing it so that it corresponds with the rafter bracing. If the truss is particularly large, this may require mechanical help, such as a crane, and it almost always requires at least two people. Brace the first truss to the wall plates, then put the second truss into place by aligning it similarly to the first truss. Temporarily brace the second truss to the first truss using horizontal wooden planks. Finally, align the remaining trusses in the same way as the first two trusses, installing each one progressively towards the gable end.

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