Where Are Bosch Axxis Washers Sold?


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Bosch Axxis washers can be purchased online at websites such as Bosch Home Appliance, Amazon and Best Buy. The Bosch website sells two different models of Axxis series washers that are priced at $1,149 and $1,399, as of February 2015.

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The cheaper of the two washers available is the Axxis 24 inch compact washer model number WAP24201UC. The washer can handle loads up to 17.6 pounds and spins at 1,200 rotations per minute. The more expensive washer option is the Axxis Plus 24 inch compact washer model number WAP24202UC. The specifications for the Axxis Plus model is identical to that of the Axxis. The only difference is the addition of a "super quick" 15 minute cycle where the Axxis Plus can run through a complete wash, rinse and spin cycle with a 4.6 pound load in 15 minutes.

Amazon sells the Axxis model number WAP24201UC washer for $1,139, and the Axxis Plus washer for $1,389.05. Amazon sells an additional Axxis model number WTB86201UC for $1,145.95 as well. The additional model is 2.8 cubic feet larger than the other Axxis washer models. All of the Axxis washer models sold on Amazon include free shipping.

Best Buy sells Axxis washer models WAP24201UC and WAP24202UC for $1,034.99 and $1259.99. They are the only Axxis washer models sold on the website. The washers also come with free shipping.

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