What Are Some Border Solutions for Landscape Edging?


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Some border solutions for landscape edging include using bamboo, tree branches and mosaic stones. Some other options are recycling colored glass bottles to use as edging or using tall pipes for an industrial look. There is also the traditional option of using cinder blocks.

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Using old glass bottles is a good way to provide inexpensive landscaping edging while also reusing the bottles instead of throwing them away. These can either be plain glass bottles of the same or different colors and sizes or bottles of all the same size. Using colored glass bottles, such as blue or green, adds an interesting effect to the landscaped design. Using pipes is another good way to reuse old items. Use tall brass pipes as a way to recycle them and add a unique industrial look to the yard.

For a yard that relies on using a lot of organic materials and components, using old tree branches to create an edging pattern is a great option. Gather fallen tree branches, and use them to lay around the edge of a garden to create simple, eco-friendly edging. Cinder blocks might be a little more difficult to come by, but they are also affordable and do not fall down easily with heavy winds.

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