What Are Some Bookshelf Display Ideas?


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Showcasing items relevant to your particular hobbies or interests; arranging items in groups based on materials, colors, shapes or designs; and transforming a shelf into a serving station by displaying crystal-cut glassware are interesting bookshelf display ideas. Hobby-related items that you can exhibit on your bookshelf include books, baseball cards, collectibles, crafts and vacation souvenirs.

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Arrange white pottery and light-colored items on dark or bright shelves, or group spherical objects, bowls and boxes to make a statement. Achieve a bold look by displaying large decorations, such as tall vases with huge flowers or fall branches, large balls of knotted rope, and big art books. Enhance the visual appeal of small items by gathering them in a container, such as putting seashells or colorful marbles in jars.

Try an asymmetrical grouping of three to seven objects while maintaining balance. Position matching items diagonally for a striking oddity. Arrange the shelves into varying heights to display items of different sizes, as ornaments with uniform sizes may look flat and unappealing.

For a touch of sparkle, display silver, crystal and glass items, and position a mirror at the bottom of your bookshelf. Stack books on their sides to add height to objects and draw attention to certain pieces. It's also a good idea to arrange a large collection of books based on their colors to achieve a rainbow effect.

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