What Is Bonsai Soil Mix?


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Bonsai soil mix combines Akadama, which is Japanese clay soil made for bonsais, organic compost, and grit or fine gravel that is mixed and layered on the bottom of the pot for drainage. Deciduous and coniferous bonsais have different requirements regarding the proportions of soil mixtures.

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What Is Bonsai Soil Mix?
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Soil mixtures for deciduous bonsais require 50 percent Akadama, 25 percent grit and 25 percent organic compost. Coniferous bonsais require 60 percent Akadama, 30 percent grit and 10 percent organic compost. Humid climates require a higher percentage of grit and Akadama. Correct soil, drainage, water and aeration are important for the health and strength of the plant.

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