What Are Boiler Piping Schematics?


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Boiler piping schematics are plans that show the location and function of each boiler pipe in a system. Some schematics show things like safety valves and dampers within a boiler system.

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A schematic is a diagram, plan or drawing that shows both major and minor components of a system. The diagram is usually very simple and easy to read, and each schematic is different depending on the system.

A good example of a boiler schematic is that for the Lancashire boiler. The Lancashire boiler is a stationary fire tube boiler that contains natural circulation sources. Its schematic shows everything from the feed valve to the top and bottom tubes. The size of the Lancashire boiler depends on the size of the shell.

Boiler schematics, like other types of schematics, usually come with a glossary of terms used in the pictures. Users of a boiler schematic may find things like furnace tubes, flues, dampers and other important components. Depending on the system, boiler schematics may also list things like water feeders, a fuel delivery system and control mechanisms. In the example of the Lancashire boiler, coal is the fuel source; therefore, the schematics list flue tubes and a fire crate where the coal sits to provide heat.

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