What Are Some Bobcat Operating Instructions?

What Are Some Bobcat Operating Instructions?

Some basic Bobcat operating instructions include throttling the engine to get it moving, always making sure the lap bar is secured while operating the vehicle and moving both levers upwards to drive forward. Additionally, pulling both levels backwards makes the vehicle move in reverse.

To turn the Bobcat to the left, pull the left lever back, and push the right one forward. Alternatively, to move right, push the left lever forward, and pull the right one back. Releasing the hands from the levers causes the vehicle to stop.

To operate the bucket of the Bobcat, utilize the two pedals found at the feet. Moving the bucket up or down is tied to one pedal, while the other controls scooping and dumping of debris that are collected in the bucket. To scoop something, push down on the pedal; to dump the bucket, release the pedal. Similarly, pushing the other pedal causes the bucket to move up, while releasing it forces it to move down.

When parking the Bobcat always ensure that the bucket is touching the ground, and always shut down the vehicle before exiting it.

Bobcats have a moderate learning curve, and around 10 hours of practice time is usually required for proficiency. Find more detailed instructions and safety tips from the Bobcat rental company.