Do Blueberry Bushes Need to Be Regularly Pruned?


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Most varieties of blueberry bushes do not require any regular pruning for the first three years of growth. After the first three years of growth, blueberry bushes benefit most from an annual late-winter pruning to rid them of dead wood in addition to an extensive bi- or triennial pruning.

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Do Blueberry Bushes Need to Be Regularly Pruned?
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Low-bush varieties do best with a pruning to the ground approximately every two to three years. High-bush varieties likewise flourish when their older stems up to six years old are pruned to the ground and their crowded or weak stems thinned out.

Pruning a different half or third of the bush each time ensures even attention over the life of the bush. During a bush's first three years, removing its fruit buds allows it to get established in the soil.

Rabbiteye blueberries thrive under a high-bush pruning regimen as well.

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