Where Do Blue Pumpkins Grow?


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Blue pumpkins grow in New Zealand, Australia, and the United States, although their color is not related to their location. Many varieties are heirloom crops from New Zealand or Australia. The most famous variety, the Jarrahdale, is named after a town in New Zealand.

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Pumpkins as a domesticated crop originated in North America. They were first cultivated by Native Americans, and one variety of blue pumpkins, the Blue Lakota, is named after an indigenous group. The most famous variety of blue pumpkins, New Zealand's Jarrahdale, is derived from the Blue Hubbard, an American variety of blue squash. It was developed by crossing the Blue Hubbard with the Cinderella pumpkin to create a new variety with the Cinderella's shape and the Blue Hubbard's coloration.

The Queensland Blue is another variety of blue pumpkin from Australia. Like some blue varieties from the United States, its skin is more gray than blue.

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