What Is a Blue Japanese Wisteria?


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Blue Japanese wisteria is a shrub in the pea family originally native to Japan. It is a woody, twining climber and blooms exuberantly in the spring. Its resplendent flower clusters grow in racemes up to 20 inches long, making it a garden favorite as it climbs over porches or pergolas. It may, however, take 6 years for a young wisteria to flower.

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What Is a Blue Japanese Wisteria?
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Because wisteria vines grow quickly, up to 10 feet per year, the creative gardener can train them to climb where desired and use them as centerpieces of extravagant displays, another reason it is a favorite of gardeners. The shrub grows best in fertile and moist but well-drained soil. Ideally, it should be planted in the fall or early spring.

The key to healthy flowering with wisteria is pruning during the late winter, removing up to half of the previous year's growth and leaving only a few buds per stem. This forces the plant to create new, more prolific buds. For even greater flowering, shoots can be cut back every 2 weeks during the summer. Even if pruned extensively, the blue Japanese wisteria will grow back quickly, but flowering may take a few years. Some gardeners assert that cutting the roots by half shocks the shrub into producing more flowers.

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