What Is a Blue Heron Decoy?


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Blue heron decoys keep blue herons from eating fish in a designated area. While a blue heron decoy is often a deterrent to other blue herons, not all blue heron deterrents are blue heron decoys. They can be decoys with the shape and look of people, owls, coyotes, snakes, crocodiles or even of another blue heron.

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A decoy shaped like an blue heron will keep other blue herons from landing nearby; they are solitary and territorial hunters and will avoid conflict with one another when possible -- unless it is mating season, in which case they will be attracted by the decoy. Decoys should be moved during mating season, which runs from spring to early summer, and otherwise moved from time to time so the birds don't begin to realize it is merely a decoy.

There are also motion-sensitive decoys and other scaring devices that spray water, move, make sounds or blow up balloons when triggered. Keeping a dog outside or even leaving on a radio are good deterrents for blue herons. They are intelligent birds, and once they learn where they can easily find fish, they are likely to return. In addition to decoys and other scaring devices, physical deterrents, like netting, wires or steeply sloped pond edges, can keep blue herons from successfully landing. Blue herons do not fish at night.

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